Roofing Membranes

Don & Low have over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of roofing underlays for the European construction industry. Our range of underlays provides different functions to suit your roofing requirements.

Vapour Permeable Underlays

Water vapour is created by a number of regular household activities, including bathing, cooking, washing and drying of clothing. Vapour mainly diffuses out through windows and vents, but around 20% of this vapour can leave through the ceiling and enter the roofing cavity causing a condensation risk.

The use of RoofTX® low resistance (LR), vapour permeable, air barrier underlays allows this moisture to diffuse through the membrane to the outside. Our RoofTX® Pro product offers both vapour and air permeability with a very low vapour resistance.

Vapour Barrier Underlays

Conventional ventilated pitched roof construction utilises an air and liquid barrier roofing underlay.

Specifically developed as a modern, cost effective lightweight alternative to traditional type 1F bitumen felts, MultiTX® Plus is a high vapour resistance (HR), air and liquid barrier underlay. It is a durable, clean, easy to cut and install, and offers excellent temporary protection against the elements.

Vapour Control Layers

Daltex® Vapour Control Layers are high resistance vapour barriers specifically designed to reduce the transfer of water vapour through the building or structure when placed on the warm side of the insulation.

Daltex® VCL products are ideal for use in a range of construction applications including walls, ceilings, and floors.

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