Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems utilise a variety of different filters, including mats, bags, cartridges, cassette and pocket filters. Ventilation systems remove contaminants such as odour, dust and airborne bacteria  to provide high indoor air quality.

Daltex® Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra maximises and maintains, coupled with superior dust loading capacity, increase efficiency and filter life. Produced from polypropylene and therefore with excellent chemical resistance, Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra have high air permeability.

Filter Carriers and Supporting Scrims

Filter carriers or supporting scrims are key applications of Daltex® in air filters. With a strong tear, puncture and abrasion resistant structure, our nonwoven provides finer filter media with support and stability, without compromising on air permeability.

Our technology means our materials have air permeability values up to 23% higher when compared to other market leading spunbond nonwovens, resulting in lower energy consumption of powered devices.

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