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Currently, vacuum cleaners typically have motors from 1800 - 2200W. Under new European Union rules designed to cut energy use, all new vacuum cleaners cannot have a motor exceeding 1600W. From 2017, the limit will reduce to 900W. In addition, and for the first time, vacuum cleaners will have to carry A - G ratings for energy use, dust emission and noise as well as cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets.

Daltex® Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra nonwovens both have extremely low resistance to air flow. In vacuum cleaners with smaller motors, the nature of these spunbond materials ensures suction is maintained and that the product meets new legislation. Retained air permeability with very high dust loading capacity can offer good cost savings and help prevent final filter clogging.

Filter Carriers and Supporting Scrims

Filter carriers or supporting scrims are key applications of Daltex® in air filters. With a strong tear, puncture and abrasion resistant structure, our nonwoven provides finer filter media with support and stability, without compromising on air permeability.

Our technology means our materials have air permeability values up to 23% higher when compared to other market leading spunbond nonwovens, resulting in lower energy consumption of powered devices. This reduced motor size improves energy efficiency and generates cost savings. Our customers recognise the inherent benefits of Daltex® nonwoven fabrics, not only to their products, but also to their processes.

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