Daltex® Aquashield®

Daltex® Aquashield® is a machine washable PP laminate comprising nonwoven spunbond and a barrier film specifically designed for mattress and surface protection.  

Aquashield® will repel fluids, providing a clean, hygienic solution to mattress and pillow protection. With the addition of anti-microbial or fire-retardant additives, Aquashield® is the perfect choice for mattress and surface protection especially for young children or hospitals.

Aquashield® is also available in a softer polyethylene version under the brand Aquashield® Soft.

Sterilisation Method



* Aquashield® Soft is suitable for gamma sterilisation

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Aquashield® Bedding

Durable and machine washable

Excellent abrasion resistance

Impenetrable to liquids and bodily fluids

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