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Atom by Antler : Armordon redefines the benchmark in lightweight luggage

Atom by Antler : Armordon redefines the benchmark in lightweight luggage

After two years of intense research and detailed prototyping, Antler®'s product engineers and designers fused the leading-edge Armordon® technology with their legendary luggage knowhow to create ATOM: a breakthrough in state-of-the-art luggage manufacturing, that represents the perfect combination of strength, lightness and style.

Developed and manufactured by Thrace Group member company Don & Low, Armordon® is a Self-Reinforcing Polypropylene (srPP) fabric that, when layered and thermoformed, combines outstanding durability and high flexibility to absorb impact without damage in a lightweight material.

Up to now, Armordon® has been tried and tested in the aerospace, ballistic, sports and automotive sectors, providing excellent performance results and competitive advantages at a unique price performance ratio. Antler® is the first luggage manufacturer to take advantage of Armordon®'s range of exceptional qualities, such as low density with good stiffness, impact resistance at low temperatures > -40°C, self-reinforcing potential that requires no glass/carbon fibres or resin matrix and 100% recyclability.

Designed and engineered in the UK, ATOM is the result of the close collaboration between Don & Low and Antler®, following Thrace Group’s mission to provide not just products but complete solutions, tailored to specific customer demands through cooperation and understanding.

ATOM is Antler®’s premium line and the latest addition to a proud manufacturing heritage which currently celebrates its 100th birthday in world-class luggage style. It is available exclusively from John Lewis, from July 2016.