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JEC World 2017

JEC World 2017

As the largest international gathering of composites, JEC World 2017 is an exhibition which covers the whole composites value chain, from raw materials to processors and final products. The show explored how composites respond to the challenges of the 21st century, including: environment, sustainability, industry 4.0, innovation, prospective, knowledge and trends.

After three stimulating days (14th – 16th March), JEC World drew to a close – chalking up an astounding 37,000+ visits, 1,300 exhibitors and 900 business meetings, while representing over 100 countries. This presented the perfect platform for Don & Low to showcase Armordon® and our srPP capabilities.

The show offered Don & Low the, unique, potential to develop and raise awareness of Armordon®, while making new contacts through various networking opportunities organised by JEC.

Armordon®, a self-reinforcing Polypropylene (srPP) fabric, is an exciting material that, when layered and thermoformed, exhibits a range of attractive properties. Developed and manufactured in the UK, this innovative product exhibits high impact strength combined with low density, and gives Armordon® a number of competitive advantages.

100% recyclable, Armordon® offers significant environmental benefits and with no glass reinforcement, there are considerable gains in both processing and machining – not to mention holding an advantage over materials more traditionally used in various market areas, including: luggage, armour, automotive and sportwear.